Common Interview Questions

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We have jotted down a list of some frequently asked interview questions common for positions throughout all fields. Be it a clerical role in the organisation or an executive, you will most probably be faced with these questions from your potential employer. We recommend  to prepare for these before going for an interview   ‘Tell

Tips For Employers

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1. Allow enough time for the recruitment process. The ideal time scale is a week to specify the role, 2-3 weeks to gather candidates, two weeks to set up and conclude interviews, a week to get an offer accepted and notice served and a further minimum of 4 weeks’ notice period. That’s at least 10

UAE High Paying Jobs 2020

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Jobs of analysts, financial professionals and web and software developers are most in demand in the UAE this year as role of employees evolves with the advancement of technologies and companies struggle to retain top performing employees. According to recruitment consultant firm Robert Half research released on Tuesday, the other in-demand jobs are finance managers,

Top Interview Mistakes

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Here are the most common interview mistakes I see people make. 1. Arriving late Since job candidates often have several interviews with different managers scheduled back to back, two things could happen when you show up late: Either your first interview is cut short, or you disrupt the schedules of several interviewers. Neither is good

How to Deal with Interview Stress

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Are you looking for a job and stressed over interviewing? You’re not alone. Job interviews can be tough, even if you have gone on a lot of them. The high level of anxiety around interviewing can make life difficult, and even sabotage your chances of landing a job.Some anxiety around interviews is normal and can