What We Do

At Jobskey Executive Search & Selection, we’ve got big plans to help you cut cost and boost productivity by providing elite talents that will solve all your workforce needs.

Based in Saudi Arabia, our hallmarks are the non-negotiable principles of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction with a proven commitment to excellence in search services- executive search, outsource and payroll services.

Executive Search Services

Our pride is in our ability to attract, improve and retain highly skilled and motivated staff there are in the recruitment industry. That’s not all; every Jobskey Executive Search & Selection employee is the total package that is trained and proficient in providing great recruitment solutions for small, medium and large businesses cutting across a variety of sectors.

Be it Health, Industrial, Professional, Technology, or consumer goods, we have the industry specific staff with the right qualification and accolade to handle your demands and requirements.

Ours is not just about staffing and search services, we’ve gone a step further to partner with you to develop an effective strategy that will add tremendous value to your business in the immediate and long term.

Meet Our Team

When you decide to hire an search firm to fill a key position, you have likely tapped your network, and have little time to assess multiple candidates in addition to your other responsibilities. Jobskey Search & Selection is your trusted advisor, taking time to understand your needs and using advanced search methods to find the right leader with the right skills and experiences to guide your organization, align with your culture, and engage your employees. Our team who possess atleast 10+ years experience in Search & Selection Consultancies will work tirelessly in fulfilling your requirements.

Started his entrepreneur journey with 15+ years track record of successful senior management in HR & executive search industry . Extensive expertise in designing, developing and implementing strategic talent management programs for C-level Executives across a number of industries. Ability to partner with hiring executives and human resources management to execute talent acquisition strategies focused on recruitment, retention and diversity…
He has 10+ years experience in Recruitment Industry. He is an AIRS Certified Recruiter trained in using the most advanced online search tools and strategies to find passive candidates with the help of different technique i.e. Peer search, Flip search, XRay search, Power search, harvesting, Peel back And search on social media sites. Networking, headhunting, mass recruitment and deep market…
A mature Saudi national with more than 17 years of experience in the fields HR, Media, Communications and administration. He is known for sound people management and pace results oriented. Extensive history identifying, recruiting, motivating, and placing Saudi candidates from entry to mid to senior level. A change-agent, self-motivated, acknowledged for balanced judgment, stability and capacity to steer consensus among…
Talented Saudi who have been Researching & recruiting for various industries for the past 5+ years but with a main focus in Aviation / Retail / ICT. Hassan have a strong track record in placing candidates from all over KSA into all positions across the above industries ranging from IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Finance, HR, Program Management,…